Share Dilutions & Stealth Tax

Capital Gains Tax » October 12, 2019

share dilutions stealth tax

Share dilutions

In this article, we look into the operation of entrepreneurs’ relief when shareholdings are diluted following the April 2019 legislative changes. Finance Act 2019 brought in some additional conditions and changes to capital gains tax entrepreneurs’ relief. Looking through these changes it seems that they have been implemented to try to reflect the true nature of entrepreneurship and remove some barriers that previous rules created inadvertently. In the most part, these changes appear more generous to genuine entrepreneurs – although I note the comments of Kevin Slevin in his article ‘Pointless?’ (Taxation, 2 May 2019, page 18)

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Could hypothecation lead to another stealth tax?

In this post, we consider Hypothecation.

Hypothecation which is defined as the earmarking certain taxes for specific services is not a new idea and has been used with some success in countries such as Germany and Japan. But before we evaluate the merits of possible hypothecation of the NHS in the UK we must first ensure the social contract between taxpayers and the government is stable enough ensure long term engagement.

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